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Hi! I'm Inja Victoria, I've been on tumblr since feb 2011 and I never left since then. I just love the things I see here and it amazes me - from food to fashion to life quotes to fandoms. I may not own a lot of things in this world or see the rest of the globe but thanks to tumblr, I get to see bits of it. Maybe someday I can travel and explore but until then, I've got tumblr. :1

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I’ve been admiring this guy since high school. I love his television shows and movies. I go gaga whenever I watch him on tv. Anyways, this wish of mine is one of those hopeful-fan-girls wish. I really want to see him in person and hold him in person. He’s a sexy beast in Asia and my number one favorite Asian actor. =)

***FYI: This month has 30 days. For fun, I will make my own 30 day challenge. DADADAAAA. I’ll tumblr my 30 wishes for my 18th.  Every night, I will post 1 wish. At the end of the month, I will probably have posted all of my 30 wishes for my 18th birthday. It sounds fun and I want to see if maybe 1 or 3 of my wishes can come true or better yet all 30 of them.  There’s no harm in wishing right? =]

XO. -A

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